1980 W123 230 Restoration Project

Welcome to my blog. This is a little space on the web I have carved out for myself as somewhere to record and document my progress in restoring this 1980 Mercedes Benz W123. And of course if anyone is interested in these cars and wants to follow what I get up to then that is a bonus!

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  • A start to the bodywork repairs

    16th Jul 2021 by

    There are more than a few spots of rust on this car that need to be fixed, but by far the worst panel on the whole car is the passenger side front wing with rust holes big enough to get a fist through and mostly held together by the paint. There are a few options… Read more

  • Sprung a leak!

    14th Jul 2021 by

    Another catch-up post from last year… I didn’t plan to do any work on the car over Christmas, yet I still found myself in the back of it trying to secure an 8 foot tall inflatable reindeer, because where else would you put one other than on the roof of a somewhat sorry looking W123?… Read more

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