1980 W123 230 Restoration Project

Welcome to my blog. This is a little space on the web I have carved out for myself as somewhere to record and document my progress in restoring this 1980 Mercedes Benz W123. And of course if anyone is interested in these cars and wants to follow what I get up to then that is a bonus!

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  • Front Brakes Rebuild

    18th Sep 2020 by

    With the engine now running and the car able to move under it’s own steam it is time to make sure it can also stop again. So I have turned my attention to overhauling the braking system, starting with the front calipers. Under first inspection the calipers were rather dry and crusty and full of… Read more

  • Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 2

    4th Jun 2020 by

    At the end of my last update – Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 1 – you may remember that all my hard work had been thwarted by a tiny little pinhole in the radiator. Finally it is time to address that and finally tick off this part of the restoration as complete.But first up,… Read more

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