Rear Brakes Rebuild

This update is a little late, it should have been up some time before Christmas but it is a busy time of year and I am only just playing catch-up. Sorry about that, but finally the braking system overhaul is complete! So having completed the front brakes (some time ago now), it was finally timeContinue reading “Rear Brakes Rebuild”

Front Brakes Rebuild

With the engine now running and the car able to move under it’s own steam it is time to make sure it can also stop again. So I have turned my attention to overhauling the braking system, starting with the front calipers. Under first inspection the calipers were rather dry and crusty and full ofContinue reading “Front Brakes Rebuild”

Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 2

At the end of my last update – Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 1 – you may remember that all my hard work had been thwarted by a tiny little pinhole in the radiator. Finally it is time to address that and finally tick off this part of the restoration as complete.But first up,Continue reading “Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 2”

Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 1

It has been a long time since my last blog post, nearly three months! Back in December last year I got the engine running, briefly, until a burning drive belt highlighted a seized water pump! Fast forward a few weeks and I set about removing the water pump. Removing the radiator to thermostat hose andContinue reading “Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 1”

A few interesting adornments

During my last poke around the car (aka Pass the Jenolite!), I came across a few original accessories, namely the original owners manual and service record, the original first aid kit and the tool kit. Sure they may be of little use now, but I was surprised to see everything intact in a 40 yearContinue reading “A few interesting adornments”

The old lady gets a new home

First post, how exciting! Welcome to the very beginning of my restoration project of this 1980 Mercedes W123 230E. When I was offered this car I was told some of it’s history and shown some pictures. The car looked good, externally the paintwork was looking in bad shape but the car appeared solid, the interiorContinue reading “The old lady gets a new home”

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