The old lady gets a new home

First post, how exciting!

Welcome to the very beginning of my restoration project of this 1980 Mercedes W123 230E.

When I was offered this car I was told some of it’s history and shown some pictures. The car looked good, externally the paintwork was looking in bad shape but the car appeared solid, the interior was incredibly tidy for it’s age and despite being described as non-running, having only 55k miles on the clock I thought that there couldn’t be much that could be wrong and was probably just down to being unused for circa ten years.

Excited by the prospect of having found a hidden gem I went to go and collect with some help, there didn’t seem much point in viewing it first, just jump in feet first and make it work I thought! A couple of the tyres had rotted through and it took a bit of dragging to get it on the trailer, but a couple of hours later it was sitting proudly on my drive.

In the back of my mind I have an idea of a jobs list/priorities, and it goes something like this.

  1. Good clean and removal of moss to halt any rot, and get some rust remover on the spots where it has already started.
  2. Remove fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, clean and flush through.
  3. New battery
  4. Get the engine running. Hopefully the above will be all it needs, the engine turns over so nothing is seized and the oil still looks good, though will be changed.
  5. Brake checks, strip down/replace as required.
  6. New tyres all round. At this point it should hopefully be derivable.
  7. Fit rear seat belts.
  8. Bodywork (a small heading that I think will expand to cover an awful lot of work)
  9. Interior tidy up.

All subject to what surprises I find along the way of course………

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