So the car has been sitting on my drive for a week now and this weekend to force a bit of initial progress I decided to give it a quick wash down with the pressure washer, mainly to try and get the moss out of any crevices that would hold water and lead to further rusting. I say I cleaned it, I roped in my daughter to do the hard work.

What I had assumed was rust spots all over the bonnet, roof and left side on closer inspection turned out to be lichen and other than a few stubborn spots comes off with the pressure washer. The photos below show a spot on the roof which I still need to finish and the bonnet which has been jet washed.

It actually came up pretty well, the paint is heavily oxidised but I am hopeful that it will polish up OK. I might give a spot a go just out of curiosity, other than that any more work on the bodywork will be limited to dealing with rust spots until after the mechanics have been addressed. But it would be good result if the car can be made to look respectable with some local touch ups making a full respray much less of a pressing issue.

And a couple of shots of the interior, I don’t think that this is going to need much more than a wipe over with a damp cloth!

At some point someone has changed over the stereo. I believe this unit is a Pioneer KE-5000 which was actually released in 1979, so is at least of the correct era.

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