Engine Cooling System Overhaul – Part 1

It has been a long time since my last blog post, nearly three months! Back in December last year I got the engine running, briefly, until a burning drive belt highlighted a seized water pump!

Fast forward a few weeks and I set about removing the water pump. Removing the radiator to thermostat hose and peering into the thermostat housing suggested that things may be a little worse than I expected.

With both the water pump and thermostat housing off of the engine it was evident that the years of non-use had taken their toll. Certainly the water pump and thermostat would need to be replaced, hopefully the housings could be saved, but with the amount of crud that was evidently sitting in the cooling system flushing out the engine block would be on the jobs list too.

Resorting to using a blow torch to free the old pump from the housing, what I found wasn’t pretty. The pumps wasn’t actually seized as such, but locked solid by a thick crust of corroded aluminium and steel and old solidified antifreeze.

But with a good overnight soak in petrol and a clean out with wire bushes the housing was looking pretty good.


And with a bit of help from spud, the new pump was fitted.

The thermostat was a bit more straight forward. Once the housing was opened up and cleaned out, the new thermostat went in and reassembled. Some gaskets were made up to save the wait on delivery of oem parts.

While I was at it, the battery tray was heavily corroded, and with a new battery ready to go in it made sense to tidy this up now. After removing the rust with a wire brush and them some rust remover gel I found that the tray had completely rotted through in the back right corner. Not enough to affect the integrity of the tray so replacement of this goes to the end of the list!

Finally it was time to re-fit the pump and thermostat, connect up the hoses, fit the new alternator/water-pump drive belt, put back the fan and see if this time starting her up would be a bit more successful.

Water pump and thermostat housing back in place.
New water pump.
Pulleys and belts reinstated.

And here it is, starting straight up. This makes me happy!

With everything back together end the engine running well, I added some coolant flush and left it running to do it’s thing. A couple of issues then made themselves known.

Firstly, once the engine got to temperature it began to struggle and eventually stalled. This was remedied with a carefully placed screwdriver wedged into the throttle linkage. This may not be a suitable long term solution!

And secondly there was this.


So it looks like a new radiator is in order, and I need to investigate the idling issue. But otherwise I would say this has been some good progress!

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