It’s alive!

I must definitely have been on the nice list this year because Santa has been very good to me! Being one of those “I have no idea what is going on” kind of days between Christmas and New Year it was an ideal time for a bit of tinkering.

Spud wanted to help, or at least play with the shiny new tools, so we set about removing the front and rear bumper brackets.

By this point spud was starting to get a bit cold and went back indoors, meaning I could start getting on with the job I really had in mind, checking the condition of the fuel tank, fuel pump and fuel lines and draining out the old fuel.
At this point my dad came to visit, keen to get his hand dirty, so we jacked up the rear of the car and removed the fuel tank cover panel.

I had intended to remove the tank to check for damage, rust or any sediment, but all was in such good condition I decided that I would be wasting my time, so I just drained the remaining old petrol and moved to the engine bay to check out the fuel pump and flexible fuel lines.

The old braided lines had turned brittle and needed replacing so a quick trip to my local motor factors and I had a replacement length.

We made much better progress than expected and we began to think about trying to fire the engine up, but first I needed to find a battery. Borrowing the battery out of my dads car should do the trick, and also ensure that he doesn’t try to run away should things not go to plan.
With the temporary battery connected we opened up the air box to check the condition of the filter and to make sure there was no debris that could get sucked into the engine. Good job we checked as there was a lot of foam that had deteriated and become crumbly.

On the first attempt of starting the engine it turned over and fuel was pumping, but no joy. I removed the plugs and they were rather dirty so gave them a clean with a wire brush. A quick test showed that they were sparking so back in they went ready for another go.

There were the first sounds of an engine wanting to run, but still no luck. By this point the borrowed battery was starting to falter so we brought in my daily driver to jump start. The additional voltage from an already running car had to help too. And with one turn of a key she fired up!

And then there was smoke!

So it may not have run for very long, but I wan’t expecting to even be attempting to get the engine started yet so I am happy even just to get a glimpse of life.
As for the cause of the smoke, it appears that the water pump is seized up and the belt was rubbing on the static pulley.

I was wondering what the next job should be, I think I found it!

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