Pass the Jenolite!

(Other rust treatment products are available…..)

Today I spent a bit of time poking around the car in more depth than I had up until now, looking for as many areas of rust as I can find to try and get an idea of how much work there is to do.

First job was to whip off the bumpers to see what was lurking behind, lucky for me, spud is a willing apprentice.

There is a bit more rust around than I had originally thought, some superficial which can be easily treated and repaired, but other areas where the rot is well set in and will need cutting out and new steel welded back in. If anyone has any recommendation of suppliers of good quality patch panels, preferably in the UK /EU I would really appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments!

I did also find some water inside the car. Some puddling on the floor pan and bubbling paint, passenger rear side. I suspect this has been going for a little while.
And also some within the boot, but other than a little water the inside of the boot is in really god condition. I think this water got in during the pressure wash I gave it last week through the loose fitting aerial.

I can see me getting through a fair bit of this in the coming months!

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