A few interesting adornments

During my last poke around the car (aka Pass the Jenolite!), I came across a few original accessories, namely the original owners manual and service record, the original first aid kit and the tool kit. Sure they may be of little use now, but I was surprised to see everything intact in a 40 year old car and it’s nice to have a few original bits like this to help tell the story of the cars history.

First up I found the owners manual, along with maintenance booklet and other documentation in the glove box. Included in this lot is also a manual for the tape deck, which like it may have been original fitment, I had thought that the original unit should have been a Becker.

The service manual makes for some interesting reading. Fully stamped by a Mercedes specialist garage for every year since it’s production in 1980 up to 2002. You can see in 2002 the recorded mileage is 54,792 miles, the car has only done another ~1000 miles since then and looking at the average mileage covered each year it is likely the car has been sitting for around 16 years.

Next up is the original first aid kit, complete with all the original intact and in it’s packaging. Not of any use now, I expect the contents are a little way past their expiry dates! But still, a nice thing to have.

And finally, in the boot along with the spare wheel and jack was the original tool kit in a roll bag. It gives an idea of how much more capable the average car owner was back then, these days you are lucky if a new car comes with a can of tire weld, a 12v compressor and a phone number for a recovery service!

All quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things I guess, but they put a smile on my face none the less.

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